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Shopping Process お買い物の流れ

1. Add items to cart/購入したい商品を選ぶ
Add items to your cart by clicking on the Add to Cart button for each item you want to buy.

2. Confirm cart contents/購入手続きに進む(レジへ進む)
Once you've added everything you want to your cart, click the View Cart button. On this page, confirm the contents of your cart, and then click Check Out.

3. Check out/購入手続きをする(会計をする)
You will be prompted to log in or create an account, or check out as a guest. Choose the option you desire and follow the steps that appear.
ご自身のアカウントを作成、もしくはゲストとして購入するかの画面が出てきます。 どちらかを選び、カートの説明に従って、「購入者情報」「お届け先情報」「お支払い方法」などを決定します。

4. Confirm order details/確認のメールが届きます
You will receive an order confirmation email after completing the checkout process. Please ensure all details are correct, and contact us if there are any problems or questions.

5. Receive items/商品が届きます
The last step is waiting to receive your order. Depending on the shipping option selected, this may take some time. Once you receive your items, enjoy! Again, if there are any problems with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help fix the issue. Happy shopping!
選択した配送オプションによっては、商品到着に時間がかかる場合があります。 ご注文に問題がある場合は、遠慮なくご連絡ください。 楽しい買い物を!

Shipping & Handling  発送について(Area欄で、お住まいの国をお選びください)

  • Select an area.

Tax 税金について

Prices include tax. No additional taxes will be added on checkout.



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