Pride Ribbon pin badge

Pride Ribbon pin badge

Price: 500(tax included)


Item description

Using a vivid rainbow-colored cord, we created a pride ribbon pin badge that can be worn anywhere.

This type of ribbon is called "awareness ribbon"
Wearing it is supposed to represent a casual support and support for social issues and social movements.
For example, the Red Ribbon is a symbol of fighting, understanding and supporting HIV / AIDS prejudice and discrimination.
The Pink Ribbon represents breast cancer prevention and awareness campaigns.
We use ribbons of different colors for various exercises and activities as symbol colors.

Six rainbow colors are the dignity and pride of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)
A symbol color that represents the solidarity, unity and support of the LGBTs community.

Not only for jackets and T-shirts, but also for rucksacks and bags, and casually for hats.
It has an exquisite size, so you can put it anywhere.
With pride as a member of the LGBTs community.
It's nice to be able to use it in various ways, such as expressing the position of Ally (supporter / collaborator of LGBTs).

Vinyl cord
Pin badge metal fittings

Approximately 30 mm in length x 20 mm in width

[Request at the time of purchase]
◆ Please be careful about the needle tip of the pin badge.
◆ Please note that if you apply excessive force, the vinyl cord will be deformed and cannot be restored.
◆ As each item is handmade, please understand that the shape may differ slightly from item to item.
◆ Please check the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing.
◆ We try to make it the same as the real thing as much as possible, but it depends on your monitor and photography environment.
The colors on the screen and the actual product may look different. If you have any questions, please contact us.