Tin badge (Gender queer color)

Tin badge (Gender queer color)

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Item description

A new type of tin badge with rounded corners that best fits colorful borders.
In addition to the rainbow color, which is famous as a symbol color for sexual minorities, there are various symbol colors.
This is a symbol color of pansexual color, also known as total love.
This is a gender queer symbol color for people whose gender identity does not apply to the existing gender framework or is fluid.
Currently, there are 10 different designs. If you have any other color requests, please feel free to contact us.

Steel alloy

Length 37mm x Width 37mm

[Request at the time of purchase]
◆ Be careful of the tip of the brooch pin.
◆ As each item is handmade, please understand that the shape may differ slightly from item to item.
◆ Please check the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing.
◆ We try to make it the same as the real thing as much as possible, but the color on the screen and the real thing may look different depending on the monitor you are using and the environment of photography. If you have any questions, please contact us.