White Hearts Leather Anklet

White Hearts Leather Anklet

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Item description

Anklet with white hearts beads on a thin strap. The metal parts are accented.
You can adjust the size by passing it through your ankle and pulling both ends of the string to the desired position.
Of course, you can use it by tying it to your wrist like Misanga.
In that case, I think that the string will be left over, so even if you tie it out of the way and then cut off the excess.
Please use it in your favorite shape.

Leather cord
White hearts beads
Metal parts

Free size: Total length about 33 cm
White Hearts Beads: Approximately 5mm

[Request at the time of purchase]
◆ The strap shrinks when it gets wet. It will return to its original state when it dries, but it is recommended to remove it when swimming in the pool or swimming in the sea.
◆ As each item is handmade, please understand that the shape may differ slightly from item to item.
◆ Please check the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing.
◆ We try to make it the same as the real thing as much as possible, but the color on the screen and the real thing may look different depending on the monitor you are using and the environment of photography. If you have any questions, please contact us.