Anchor-shaped Japanese candles with a rainbow flag

Anchor-shaped Japanese candles with a rainbow flag

Price: 2,000円(tax included)


Item description

A candle with a rainbow flag drawn on an anchor-shaped Japanese candle. Since all Japanese candles are made of plant-based materials, there is little oily smoke, they are environmentally friendly, and even when used indoors, the walls are not easily soiled, so you can easily enjoy them as an interior decoration. Burning time is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

please note
When lighting a candle, stand it on the candlestick that was in the candle and always place it in a place where you can see the flame.
Do not place flammable items near candles. Do not use in windy places.
Please note that Japanese candles have a thick core, so the flames tend to grow.
Do not touch the candlestick or candles as there is a risk of burns when burning or immediately after extinguishing the fire.
If the wick starts to remain during burning, remove the wick by cutting the core or using a fire chopstick, leaving 1 to 2 cm.
Please use after removing the wrapping paper.
When storing, avoid direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.
There is a risk of discoloration and deformation.
Since it uses vegetable wax, it will look like white powder after a few days, but if you wipe it off with a soft cloth, there is no problem in using it.

LGBT x traditional crafts
It was created with the hope of promoting understanding of LGBT as well as spreading the splendor of traditional crafts both domestically and internationally. Craftsmen also take basic knowledge seminars on LGBT and devise product designs.

"Nakamura Rosoku"
Founded 120 years ago, Nakamura Rosoku's Warosoku is a venerable warosoku that can be found in famous temples in Kyoto. Japanese candles and Kyoto candles, all of which are made from plant-based wax and cores, are also popular with people overseas. Not only for Buddhist affairs, but also for special occasions such as celebrations, and picture candles can be used as interior decorations.