Hematite G Bracelet (blue)

Hematite G Bracelet (blue)

Price: 2,800(tax included)


Item description

We offer a special price (regular price 4,500 yen) for the accessory.

The bunch is Kyoto silk, and we have prepared 6 colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, which are inspired by rainbow.

please note
If you pull it strongly with excessive force, it may be damaged. Please handle it with care.
LGBT x traditional crafts
It was created with the hope of promoting understanding of LGBT as well as spreading the splendor of traditional crafts both domestically and internationally. Craftsmen also attend basic knowledge seminars on LGBT and devise product designs.

"Isuke Nakano"
Isuke Nakano, who manufactures Kyoto Buddhist beads, was founded in 1764 and is the 10th generation of the current generation. We propose Kyoto Buddhist beads, which are popular as amulets beyond the framework of legal tools, in a form that suits modern lifestyles while maintaining traditional techniques. We are doing energetic activities with the spirit of "uneasy fashion" such as various collaborations.