Live Performance at Kitchen Studio Date: Please contact us

Live Performance at Kitchen Studio
Date: Please contact us

Please contact us from here for the price.

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You can experience the cooking show live. The performance of the drag queen is super cool in live!
In addition, there is a fun talk with the drag queen, photo time, and Q&A. There is no doubt that it will look good on social media.
We have taken all possible measures against COVID-19, so please feel safe to participate.

Kawaii Cooking with Drag Queen Official Website

[Event details]
・ Performance by drag queen
・ Self-introduction of performers/participants (only for those who wish)
・ Cute cooking demonstration by KAORU
・ Drag queen, cute cooking experience with all participants
・ Drag queen, chatting with all participants ・ Question time
・ Shooting time with drag queen

Price: Please contact us.
Time: 2 hours
Participants: Anyone is OK
Dress code: Be fashionable ♪
Capacity: 20 people

Location: Aoyama Kitchen Studio
Minami Aoyama TM Building 2F, 6-13-25 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku
(The detailed map will be sent with the reservation confirmation.)

Cancellation Policy

7-3 days ago: 30%
2-1 days ago: 50%
Same day & No Show: 100%